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Marcus currently serves as the Director of Corporate Development for Martin Aviation and Lyon Air Museum. In addition, he is the lead Presenter and Lead Content Editor for the Lyon Air Museum Media Group
About Marcus
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He began his presenting/broadcasting career in 2014 hosting and MC’ing his local high school events. Since then he has built an extensive portfolio in digital media and executive management.
Marcus has created and produced over 100+ videos, 300+ Graphics/Animations, and over 40+ hours worth of video content.
Marcus has had a passion for aviation, automobiles, technology, and business operations from a very young age. He visited his first Grand Prix at just 1 year old and first flew on a commercial airliner at the age of 2. His continued passion has been able to lead him to a career in aviation and automobiles.
Having completed over 170 projects, business ventures, and events in less than a 10 year period. Marcus is has amassed high credibility and reliability when put up to the task. Some notable items include full-scale public events, hospitality, business forecasting reports, sponsorship ventures, and more.
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Marcus currently manages a team of over 90+ staff and volunteers across Lyon Air Museum and Martin Aviation.
Martin Aviation is a Part 145 Repair Station. It has been credited as Orange County's premier aircraft maintenance facility and has been in operation since 1923 (99 Years Ago).
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